Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare — See Footage Of The New Crash Map


One of the most iconic maps from 2007’s Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Crash, is being remade for the new Modern Warfare. Crash is coming to the new game in the Season One update on December 3, and now new gameplay footage from it has emerged online.

YouTuber Attach posted a video of the new map–and it looks pretty much exactly like it did back in 2007 except with better-looking graphics and one relatively small change to the map itself. There is a new back alley section of the map, but that appears to be the only notable addition.

Curiously, Attach said he was informed by Infinity Ward developers that he wasn’t allowed to use the attack chopper killstreak because it could cause the map to glitch. Here’s to hoping that has been sorted out for the public release this week.

Crash is just one of the maps coming to Modern Warfare in the Season One update. Some of the others include Vacant and Shipment, which were also fan-favorites in the original game. The Season One update also includes new modes, weapon blueprints, and more.

In addition to the Season One update, December 3 marks the start of Modern Warfare’s first Battle Pass. Just like with Fortnite, players will progress through tiers–of which there are 100–earning new cosmetic items and more on the way. Check out a breakdown of the Modern Warfare Battle Pass to learn more.

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