Best White Elephant And Secret Santa Gift Ideas 2019


White Elephant and Secret Santa are great ways to spread the gift-giving fun this holiday season without the stress and pressure of finding that perfect fit. And yet, even White Elephant and Secret Santa come with their own set of challenges. You want a gift that’s appropriate for the setting (whether it’s an office, family party, community event, or just among friends) and still appealing for a wide variety of people. Depending on the group, you may want something that will be funny to open in front of others but still a somewhat useful or desirable gift to take home. It’s all about striking a balance so everyone has fun but still has something nice to bring back from the party.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect White Elephant or Secret Santa gift for that upcoming office party or family gathering, we got you covered. Here are the best gifts you can buy this holiday season, no matter your price range.

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Tamagotchi On – $50

Did you know they released a new Tamagotchi this year? Tamagotchi On is the next generation of handheld virtual pets from the famous brand–it’s in color and has a ton of new features and ways to interact with its characters. These are usually $60, but you can find a few on sale for just under $50. In either case, the new Tamagotchi is perfect for an age-diverse White Elephant group because kids will love it and adults who grew up with it will probably want one too… hopefully not enough to steal from a kid though.

Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker From JBL – $50

This is a highly-rated and top-quality Bluetooth speaker that has the additional benefit of being waterproof, making it perfect for poolside parties or even listening to music and podcasts in the shower. It comes with a clip that makes it easy to hang up anywhere you want, whether that’s in your house or even on a backpack if you’re cycling. It would make a great, higher-end gift for music fans and people who enjoy outdoor activities.

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Pressure Cooker – $49

First of all, this is 50% off right now, which is a ridiculous deal–these things would run you $100 full-price. Secondly, an Instant Pot might not seem like the most festive of gifts, but it’s an insanely popular kitchen tool for a reason. These are essential in anyone’s kitchen, no matter what level of cook they are–they’re so versatile and easy to use, but some people just can’t justify spending money on big appliances, especially one they’ve possibly never used before… which would make a free Instant Pot a pretty good gift.

Google Chromecast (3rd Generation) – $35

It’s a Google Chromecast. What more do you need to know? Give friends, family, or coworkers the gift of instant streaming video, from YouTube to Netflix to HBO.

DIY Wooden Crossbow Kit – $27

Office nerf guns are out. Step it up with a wooden crossbow you built yourself. This counts as both a 3D puzzle and a working (totally harmless) crossbow that shoots little wooden “rockets.” It looks cool and it’s sure to annoy the hell out of anyone who has to deal with the person who got it. Be warned before you buy, though: They don’t come back in stock until December 12, so if you need something by tomorrow, keep browsing.

Sherpa Fleece Throw From Bedsure – $25

Who doesn’t love a soft blanket? Prepare your friends, family, or coworkers for the cold holiday season with a super soft 100% microfiber fleece throw. Depending on how much you want to spend, this one comes in different sizes, but the throw is the perfect size and price for a casual gift that’s sure to be popular no matter who ends up with it.

The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia – $21.10

A gorgeous hardcover art book from one of the most popular video game series of all time–that’s a pretty solid gift for even the most casual Zelda fan. It looks great on a shelf or coffee table. Released in 2013, the Hyrule Historia is still a must-have and great addition to a more gamer-friendly gift exchange.

Portable USB-C Power Bank From Aukey – $20

A good portable phone charger is essential no matter who you are, but it’s one of those things that certain people will just never buy for themselves. Those tend to be the best kinds of gifts–nothing flashy or fun, but practical and useful. This one probably won’t visibly “wow” people at a White Elephant party, but don’t be surprised when people try to snag it.

World’s Smallest Vacuum From WestMinster – $18

This is an adorable, USB-charged vacuum cleaner that’s perfect for people who eat lunch at their desks or people who just love cute, tiny things. The cute factor makes this a better White Elephant gift even if it’s not totally practical, but it’s better to avoid this for Secret Santa unless you’re trying to send a rude message to a coworker…

Kylo Ren Funko Pop – $8.97

Funko Pop figures make pretty good gifts: for one, they’re affordable, but there are also a million of them, so the options are endless. People of all ages are sure to recognize these characters. We chose to feature Kylo Ren because a new Star Wars is coming up, but we have a list of the best Funko Pop gifts if you want more options. (Check out the best Star Wars gifts for even more ideas.)

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer – $11

OK, this one is just over $10, but it’s good enough to justify the extra dollar. Who doesn’t hate it when their coffee or tea goes room temperature, especially in the morning? Give the gift of consistently-warm-caffeine-infused-beverages this holiday season. Of course, this is basically an electric hot plate, so make sure the gift receivers are a responsible, age-appropriate group. (Bonus gift: If you’re looking for a safer option with the same sentiment and you’re willing to spend a bit extra, consider a nice stainless steel thermos like this one, which will keep beverages hot for up to 3 hours.)

Star Wars Millennium Falcon LEGO Kit With Chewbacca – $10

Who doesn’t love a simple L set? This is a 92-piece Star Wars kit featuring the Millennium Falcon “Microfighter,” a smaller, simpler version of the iconic ship. It also comes with a tiny Chewie figure. Find more Star Wars gift ideas in our Holiday Gift Guide.

The Hungoevr Cookbook – $8.93

Prepare your friends, family, or coworkers for the New Year with a cookbook dedicated to alleviating one of the most common holiday afflictions: hangovers. This is a funny, affordable gift with some genuinely good-looking recipes that keep it from being just a joke.

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