Earlier today, PlayStation confirmed that they will not be attending E3. While the news was not unexpected, it’s still a bit disappointing for those looking forward to news about the PlayStation 5. While the company will have plenty of opportunities to reveal more about the system throughout the year, E3 represents a major event for gamers. Xbox boss Phil Spencer wasted no time jumping on the news, confirming on Twitter that Microsoft will, in fact, have a presence at the show, unlike their competitor. While the tweet from Spencer does not specifically mention PlayStation or Sony, the timing is unmistakable.

With Xbox Series X set to release this year alongside PlayStation 5, Microsoft will need every advantage they can get if they hope to dethrone the current market leader. Given the major stage that the show presents the industry with, it’s not surprising to see Microsoft choosing to remain at E3. Fans will certainly be happy to learn more about the console. At the moment, the amount of information revealed about the Xbox Series X has been fairly light, but with E3 set to kick-off just a few months before the system’s expected launch window, there should be a lot to learn during the company’s presentation!

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Microsoft has certainly mastered the ability to troll PlayStation without specifically mentioning the company. When Sony received a heavy amount of negative press at E3 2018 for blocking cross-play between the various versions of Fortnite, Microsoft and Nintendo released a commercial showcasing cross-play between the two consoles just a few short days after the show ended. While it was never confirmed that the commercial was intended to take a shot at Sony for their stubbornness, it should be noted that the company eventually caved, allowing Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players to play games like Fortnite and Minecraft with PlayStation 4 owners.

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