Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 2 Release Date


Fortnite players are eagerly awaiting Season 12 of the game, so we thought we’d take a look at when we expect the release of Chapter 2: Season 2 will occur! The first season of the second chapter of the game got extended quite a bit due to the winter holidays, so it was a bit of a mystery on when the next season would pop up. We do now have a good idea on when you should expect to be ponying up for a new battle pass.

Chapter 2: Season 2 Release Date

The scheduled end of Chapter 2: Season 1 is February 6th, 2020. So, as long as there’s no black hole-esque event then we expect it to release on the same day of February 6th, 2020. New seasons generally have a longer downtime than your standard patch, so once the game goes into maintenance mode, there will likely be a 3 – 4 hour wait before it is playable!

What to Expect From the New Season?

I would expect a big map shakeup, while it won’t be as large as it was at the start of the new chapter, you will likely find quite a few new zones. There might be some Lunar New Year type location, we got Lucky Landing around this time in the previous year. I would also look out for more movement based items and/or vehicles. This has been a common complaint among players recently, so I think Epic will seek to implement more ways to get around the map a bit quicker. Keep in mind that this is all speculation, and there’s been no real official information about Season 12 just yet!

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Leaked Skins Prior to Chapter 2: Season 2

While these are unlikely to actually be apart of the next season of Fortnite, the leaks will sometimes give us a clue on what is to come. I think the biggest one might be the Legendary Oro skin could be some kind of clue into the next Battle Pass. Here’s a list of the skins that were leaked in the 11.40 patch. Some of these are likely celebrating the Lunar New Year, so it’s unclear if they will have any influence over the next season.

There’s plenty more Leaked Fortnite Skins, but these were the ones that have a possibility of being related to the new season. We’ll hopefully have some additional information on Chapter 2: Season 2 in the near future, so check back soon!

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