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What does the gold hand mean? 

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Fortnite is currently in its longest season since the game’s start. The new season — Chapter 2 season 2 — is set to launch on Feb. 20, and to get the hype going, developer Epic Games started an international alternate reality game.

On Sunday, posters and digital advertisements for Fortnite began appearing in cities across the globe. These ads show a gold handprint and a local number to call that has a recording referencing an agency. The first advertisement seen by Fortnite fans was at a metro station in Brazil, according to one data miner

The number on the ad is a recording that says in Portuguese, “The agents were called. Card to access the safe purchased.” 

Another Fortnite poster with the golden handprint and phone number was found in Russia. 

A Fortnite data miner compiled the list of numbers, messages and locations into a tweet Monday. The recordings mention agents being recruited and the mobilizing. There’s also a reference to a mission changing. 

Another data miner compiled all the voice recordings into one video clip. 

On the official Fortnite Discord Sunday, a bot called The Agency began recruiting members seemingly at random. 

Then on Monday morning, the official Fortnite Twitter account sent a tweet saying “Transmission Intercepted” while the rest of the message was whited out similar to a document with redacted info. 

What exactly this agency refers to and how this will change the game will likely be made clear in the coming days when Fortnite Chapter 2 season starts on Feb. 20.

Fortnite is available for PC, PS4, Android, iOS, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

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