The best drop locations in Fortnite: Battle Royale


Epic Games revamped the Fortnite map for Chapter Two with a combination of old and new locations. The loot pool changed and season two features a group of villains hiding in plain sight.

Learning about the new map can be overwhelming, so here are the best drop locations in Fortnite Chapter Two.

Retail Row

Retail Row is back in the new map and continues to be one of the easiest locations to drop. Retail Row has many houses and shops with a lot of loot to take. Right now, people are going to the newer locations hoping to fight mini-bosses.

If you want to go for a safe option, Retail Row is the spot for you. Once you’re done looting, there are a couple of options to rotate out of this town.

Just outside Retail Row, you can find a zip line that goes all the way up to Steamy Stacks. If you follow the river, you can find a boat that you can ride north or south depending on the circle. Of course, you could always walk.

Risky Reels

Risky Reels is right in the center of the map and is one of the best options to farm materials. This location is full of cars, so there’s more than enough metal. On top of that, Risky Reels has 10 chests to loot, plus ammo boxes and floor loot. Get everything you can grab and move to the next location.

Keep in mind that it’s an open area with no buildings. While you loot, there’s a chance you’ll be exposed to enemies. Since Risky Reels is right in the center of the map, you might find other players close by, so always stay alert.

Risky Reels is close to the water, too. If you move south, you’ll find a boat. From this point, you can get to The Agency, one of the new locations on the map. The Agency is the home of Midas and a highly-contested spot because of the loot and mythic weapon inside the island.

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Slurpy Swamp

Slurpy Swamp is on the southern side of the map. This is a big area to loot and fish. This is a highly-contested spot because of the amount of loot available that includes multiple chests. Slurpy Swamp has a big main building and a factory with two small buildings. Depending on the number of players that land here, you might pick one side over the other.

If you’re against one or two players, go for the main building. It has good spots to fight and gain control of the area. There are also multiple fishing holes in the area, so getting control of it will be worth the effort. If you’re not as comfortable fighting other players that close, go for the smaller buildings and rotate to another area.

There’s also a boat outside the small buildings, so you can escape faster.

New locations to check

The options above are a mix of safe locations for a slow start and contested spots to get some action early. These are regular spots without the mini-bosses from Top Secret, though. So if you want to explore the new sides of the map, consider the following:

The Yacht

The Yacht is on the northeastern side of the map. This is the hideout of the mini-boss Meowscles. Once you land here, get ready to fight.

Besides the mythic weapon that you can find here, The Yacht has a lot of loot to pick up with three chests, ammo boxes, and more. Go for the med kits and shield potions because you’ll need those to survive the intense early fight.

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The only disadvantage to this landing point is the location itself. You must act fast and go for the battle with the mini-boss as soon as possible, get what you need, and leave. The circle will start closing quickly and even if you take the portable toilet to the shore, chances are you’ll have to run a long distance to get to safety.

The Grotto

There are two ways to approach The Grotto. The first is going through the missile silo opening on top of the mountain and the second is going through the cave near the water. Each entrance has its own challenges.

Going through the missile silo openings will put you in front of an enemy immediately. The waterfront entrance allows you to sneak around and find a disguise so you can explore The Grotto. This location has good loot and you can find one mythic weapon.

Rotating out of The Grotto is simple through a portable toilet that drops you in the mountain. From there, it’s easy to move closer to the circle.

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