New Free Game At Epic Offers Absurd Fun For The Whole Family


Family-friendly games filled with lots of laughs are ideal right about now as we practice social distancing. A new multiplayer physics game published by the prolific TinyBuild Games looks to provide just that. Totally Reliable Delivery Service released today on PS4, Xbox One Switch, PC, and mobile, and you can pick it up free of charge until April 8 at the Epic Games Store.

Developed by We’re Five Games, Totally Reliable Delivery Service drops you and three friends–either locally or online–on a sandbox island. Your job is to deliver packages across the open world by any means necessary. Cartoonish visuals and a ragdoll physics engine ensure that Totally Reliable Delivery Service doesn’t take itself too seriously–or seriously at all, really. Essentially, you’re terrible at your job by design.

You can neglect your job duties to play with all of the interactive toys and objects scattered across the world. The game features a plethora of vehicles, including fully operational dune buggies, golf carts, planes, helicopters, and boats–just be prepared for mishaps like getting launched 100 feet from your vehicle.

Four player split-screen multiplayerFour player split-screen multiplayer

Make sure to pick up Totally Reliable Delivery Service at Epic before it’s back to its regular $15 price on April 8. Of course, this absurd co-op game isn’t the only free game on the Epic Games Store right now. Figment, Tormenter x Punisher, and World War Z are free to claim until tomorrow, April 2. Drawful 2 is free until April 9 and will be joined by both Gone Home and Hob starting tomorrow. For even more freebies, check out our roundup of every free game available now.

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