Fortnite Skye’s Coastal Campsite Locations: Where to visit Skye’s Coastal Campsites


The Fortnite locations for where to visit Skye’s coastal campsites for the Season 2 Week 7 challenges.

We’re already onto week 7 of Fortnite season 2. Last week was part 2 of The Meowscles’ Mischief challenges which means we have 10 new challenges for the next agent, Skye. The name of the week 7 challenges is Skye’s adventures.

There’s a few challenges this week that may require some help in the form of a guide. One of the challenges that you might need help with is the ‘visit Skye’s coastal campsites’. Here’s a guide on the locations of Skye’s campsites in Fortnite

Skye’s Coastal Campsites Fortnite

In order to complete this challenge, you’ll need to visit 3 of Skye’s coastal campsites. Remember, you don’t need to visit 3 of Skye’s coastal campsites in one match. If you want to get the challenge done quickly, you’ll want to drop down into a helicopter and fly around the map to each campsite.

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There’s quite a large distance between each of the coastal campsites, and because most of them are on the edge of the map (they are coastal campsites after all), it would be best to either drop at a campsite and leave the game or use a helicopter if you want to quickly finish all of this week’s challenges.

Below we’ve listed where you can find Skye’s Coastal Campsites along with maps and in-game images.

Campsite locations

Here’s the locations of where you can find Skye’s Coastal Campsites in Fortnite:

  • South west of Misty Meadows on the edge of the map.
  • North West of Sweaty Sands on the edge of the map before the smaller islands that are located north of Sweaty Sands.
  • East of The Shark, a minute walk north from Pleasant Park.
  • South East of Steamy Stacks past the river on the edge of the map.
  • South east of the large snowy mountains on the edge of the map.
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Here’s what Skye’s coastal campsites look like along with a map with all of the locations marked below. All of Skye’s coastal campsites look the same and have the same items including a campfire, tent, telescope, and hammock.

Skye's coastal campsites Fortnite

Skye’s coastal campsites Fortnite

Skyes Coastal Campsites Fortnite Locations Map

Skyes Coastal Campsites Fortnite Locations Map

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