Fortnite Weekly Challenges continue on, adding more mayhem to unlock on week eight. Chances are if you haven’t managed to snag a code for the Valorant closed beta or snagged an early copy of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you are still grinding away at your Fortnite challenges. With the secret agent dominating this chapter of season two, the Kingsman umbrella challenge makes perfect sense.

fortnite weekly block damage with kingsmanThe Kingsman blocks all shots, use it well YouTube/Bodil40

The Kingsman umbrella is a Legendary item that can be found in chests and hidden where you can find loot all around the map. Based off of the weapon in the graphic novel and movie, the Kingsman blocks bullets and can be used to collect resources. In the first movie and second movie (which I choose to pretend never happened), the umbrella was used sparingly and for bar fight flair. In your Fortnite games, it can be used to protect you from damage or gracefully glide down from high vantage points. It’s a great item for those looking to just build to their heart’s content while still having some defense.

Fortnite Week 8 Challenge – Block Damage With a Kingsman

Once you have successfully procured yourself a Kingsman weapon, you’ll need to block 200 damage with the Kingsman umbrella in order to complete this challenge. And once you have the weapon equipped, you can hold down the right button on your mouse or the sights button on your console controller. Make sure to aim the umbrella in front of you when playing because it can’t protect your backside. You will know the umbrella is soaking up damage when it starts to show a red tint on the inside.

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For the Chapter 2 Skye’s Adventure Challenges, you’ll need to complete all 18 in order to unlock Skye’s secret mission. Completing this final challenge will grant you the Ghost or Shadow Style of the Skye skin. For those completionists looking to fill out their collection, getting this extra style is a must.

The Kingsman umbrella is not affiliated with the movie or the franchise, but it’s still fun to see this bit of fan service tied to the agent’s theme. With Deadpool’s looney shenanigans and an invulnerable umbrella in the game, Fortnite is starting to get back to its wacky center. In a world that’s full of grim and dark shooters, it’s still nice to see one that doesn’t take itself seriously.