Everything you need to know about 'Valorant,' the huge new game that just crushed Twitch records and is poised to be the biggest gaming sensation since 'Fortnite'


So, what’s the deal? Why is this game suddenly so popular?

Twitch (Valorant drops)

How lots of people are getting into the “Valorant” closed beta: Access code drops that you get by watching streamers play the game live.

As you might guess, there’s not one special something that’s making “Valorant” such an explosively popular game. 

For one, it’s a game with a tremendous amount of hype behind it — and that’s directly tied to its creator: Riot Games.

Riot Games is one of the most popular and scandal-ridden game studios in the world. It’s also the company behind “League of Legends,” which itself remains one of the world’s most popular games.

Aside from a few smaller projects, “Valorant” is the first major new game from Riot since “League of Legends,” which launched in 2009 — over 10 years ago. To say that the studio’s next game is highly anticipated is putting it mildly. 

Another critical aspect of its popularity is how it’s rolling out.

The game is currently in closed beta, as of this week, and the best way to get into that closed beta right now is through “drops.” What are drops? Riot partners with a variety of game streamers on Twitch, and watching those streamers play “Valorant” is how you get a key to get into the closed beta.

“Drops are currently enabled on channels of influencers that participated in our digital event at the end of March,” the game’s PR lead, Jacqui Collins, told Business Insider.”This may be expanded in the future, but anyone you see playing ‘Valorant’ with drops enabled at the moment is one of the attendees of that digital event.”

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The fact that popular streamers are hyping the game has certainly had a major effect, as well as the fact that several professional esports players have already jumped ship from their current games to go pro in “Valorant.”

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