Fortnite Ghost Ollie: Where to Find Ghost Ollie at Frenzy Farm


Here’s where you’ll be able to find Ghost Ollie in order to unlock the Ghost Fortnite skin style for Skye.

We’re already onto week 8 of Fortnite chapter 2 season 2. A new week means a new set of Fortnite challenges. This week is part 2 of Skye’s Adventure. With 20 challenges now available for Skye, players will be able to unlock a free skin style for the skin.

For each of the challenges for the Battle Pass skins, players have been able to unlock a skin style. In order to do this, players will need to complete 18 of the available 20 challenges. Once this is done, players will unlock two different challenges.

Only one of the two challenges can be completed. The challenges are separated for both ghost and shadow. You’ll need to pick which skin style you want as you’ll only be able to unlock one, then you need to complete the corresponding challenge.

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This week, players can unlock the Shadow or Ghost skin styles for Skye. Here’s the two challenges that are available for the Skye skin style:

  • Find Shadow Ollie in Weeping Woods
  • Find Ghost Ollie at Frenzy Farm

In this article, we’ll be going over where to find Ghost Ollie at Frenzy Farm.

Find Ghost Ollie in Frenzy Farm Fortnite

Skye Ghost Skin Style

You might have completed 18 of the 20 Skye’s Adventure challenges but still aren’t sure if you want to unlock the Skye Ghost skin style. To re jog your memory, here’s what the Ghost version of Skye looks like:

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Skye Ghost Skin Style Fortnite

Skye Ghost Skin Style Fortnite

Ghost Ollie Location

As provided by the challenge name, the location of Ghost Ollie is in Frenzy Farm. However, it’s quite a large location, so we’ve created a quick guide on the exact location of Ghost Ollie so you can quickly drop down and complete the challenge.

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You’ll find Ghost Ollie near some craps towards the south east side of Frenzy Farm opposite the ghost mailbox that’s located in Frenzy Farm.

Ghost Oillie is a green hat that is floating in the air with an type of star effect around it. Here’s what Ghost Ollie looks like in-game:

Find Ghost Ollie Fortnite Location

Find Ghost Ollie Fortnite Location

Ghost Ollie will fly around so you’ll need to keep an ear out for the noise it makes. Here’s where you can expect to find it on the map:

Ghost Ollie Fortnite Map Location

Ghost Ollie Fortnite Map Location

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