Tfue calls VALORANT a more “casual” version of CS:GO


Fortnite’s most popular streamer Tfue hasn’t been kind to VALORANT in its first few days since the beta launched. And today, he continued expressing some of his feelings about Riot’s new FPS.

While Tfue hasn’t spent a ton of time playing the game on stream, he did give about four hours of airtime on beta launch day, averaging about 18,712 viewers.

VALORANT’s like a more casual CS:GO,” Tfue said. “If you want to die to fucking airstrikes go play fucking VALORANT. If you want to play a game that actually takes true skill then go play CS:GO.” 

After giving it a chance, he was quick to call it “boring” and “slow” for his tastes a few days ago. His comments make sense, though, for someone who’s been known to stick it out with Fortnite, playing the cartoonish battle royale even when other top streamers are trying out new games.

Tfue might not be particularly fond of VALORANT yet, but he wasn’t completely negative when talking about the game, admitting that it isn’t all that bad.

“I mean the games good. I think it’ll do well,” he said. “I just don’t see it being bigger competitive-wise than CS.”

It’s too soon to know if Tfue’s analysis will come to fruition. But after just a few short days on the platform, breaking records for viewership, VALORANT is certainly showing the potential to be a game we’ll be hearing about for a while. 

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