Fortnite Midas Drum Gun Location and Stats


Midas Drum Gun Location and Stats

You can find the Midas Drum Gun in The Agency POI (Point of Interest), which is located dead center of the map on what used to be a small island with some trees and houses. The Agency POI is directly East of Salty Springs and West of Frenzy Farm. It’s one of the most popular landing spots in Fornite Battle Royale.

Quick Midas Drum Gun Tip

Land on top of The Agency and then proceed downward from there, you’ll encounter less traffic and guards.

How to get the Midas Drum Gun

To claim the Drum Gun, you will need to eliminate a heavily guarded Midas. Midas can be found near the bottom of The Agency and has roughly 300 health, meaning that you will need to shoot him a fair bit. To use Midas as a skin, you will need to hit tier 100 of the Season 2 Battle Pass.

Once Midas is eliminated, you can then grab his Drum Gun.  Don’t forget to grab the key card to gain access to the vault where extra loot and an escape route awaits.

Midas Drum Gun Stats

Below we have also noted the stats of the Midas drum gun.  Keep in mind, Epic Games from time to time will vault or downgrade weapons so these stats may not always be accurate.

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