First-person puzzler Superliminal gets July release on Xbox One, PS4 and Switch


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Superliminal has been rolling around on PC via the Epic Games Store for some months already, but now it’s time for console players to get the opportunity to embark on a new mind-bending puzzler as the Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch release date becomes known. 

You really won’t be waiting too long for Superliminal to come to console either with a July 7th 2020 launch planned for Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Coming from the development team at Pillow Castle Games, Superliminal promises perspective-bending puzzles and multiple secrets as it comes to console, building on what was delivered in the Epic Games Store launch to provide the best version of the game yet. Yep, soon you’ll be able to quite literally get lost in your thoughts as you feel the satisfaction of figuring out each solution and advancing in the mysterious, surreal world.

Superliminal is a single-player first-person puzzler that focuses much of its time on using perception as a mechanic. You play as someone who wakes up in a surprisingly lucid dream, and as you complete puzzles to get to the next exit, certain patterns and truths become more apparent. The thing is, in this game, everything is exactly what it seems to be – ish. Possibly. In fact, Superliminal is a game about breaking expectations and thinking outside the box. What you see is what you get. Literally.

If you wish to know more then the launch trailer below will sot you out. Chances are though that you’ll want to join Dr. Glenn Pierce’s “SomnaSculpt Dream Therapy” program – and so come 7th July you should be heading to the usual digital stores and getting in on the action.

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