New Fortnite Punch Cards Added in the v13.20 Update


There are three new Punch Cards that have been added for players to complete in Fortnite Battle Royale. Here is what they are and how to complete them.

This Season, Epic have decided to reduce the amount of challenges released per week from ten down to seven and the amount of XP you earn for completing each weekly challenge this season is now 35,000 XP. However, Epic have added Punch Cards, which awarded players for completing certain tasks throughout the season.

The Punch Cards are hidden until you complete a certain task to unlock them, i.e, getting a win in one of the modes in order to unlock the Victory Tour Punch Card. There are different number of punches you can get for each card depending on what the task is, but each punch on the card will earn you 14,000 XP.

Two New Fortnite Punch Cards Added in v13.20

In the v13.20 Fortnite update that took place earlier today, there were quite a few new things that were added and included in this were three brand new Punch Cards. Two of these Punch Cards are related to the XP Coins you can collect around the map and the other is related to the Loot Sharks that were added at the start of the new season. The Punch Cards are:

  • Blue Is Better
  • Gold is the Greatest
  • Chomp!

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Blue is Better Punch Card

One of the Punch Cards added is called Blue is Better and there are five different punches that you can get for this card. This card of course relates to the amount of Blue XP Coins you collect this season.

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  • Punch 1 – Blue XP Coins collected (3)
  • Punch 2 – Blue XP Coins collected (5)
  • Punch 3 – Blue XP Coins collected (10)
  • Punch 4 – Blue XP Coins collected (20)
  • Punch 5 – Blue XP Coins collected (30)

Remember, you will be granted 14,000 XP for each punch you get and we will be releasing a guide on the location of Blue Coins throughout the season, so keep an eye out for that.

Gold is the Greatest Punch Card

The Gold is the Greatest Punch Card works in exactly the same way as the Blue is Better Punch Card mentioned above, however the amount of Gold Coins you will need to collect for each punch is different and there won’t be as many Gold Coins to collect. Here are the amounts for each punch:

  • Punch 1 – Gold XP Coins collected (1)
  • Punch 2 – Gold XP Coins collected (3)
  • Punch 3 – Gold XP Coins collected (5)
  • Punch 4 – Gold XP Coins collected (7)
  • Punch 5 – Gold XP Coins collected (10)

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We will also be created guides throughout the season to show you the location of these Gold Coins.

Chomp! Punch Card

The last Punch Card to be added in the v13.20 update was the Chomp! Card. As you can tell from the title, the task you will need to complete involved the Loot Sharks and there is only one Punch for this card.

  • Eliminated an opponent with a Loot Shark (1)

The Loot Sharks can be found in the sea, and you can control the Sharks when you ride them. If you need help on how to ride a Shark, you can see the detailed guide we made by clicking here.

There may be more Punch Cards that are added in future updates, and we will let you know as soon as they are added and how to complete them.

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