Fortnite Lazy Lake Floating Ring Locations


Where to Find Floating Rings in Lazy Lake

In the week 3 challenges of Fortnite Season 3, you’ll need to collect four different floating rings in Lazy Lake. We’ve got all of the floating ring locations below.  If your a Fortnite noob, that’s ok, the map below is all you need so you can complete this challenge quickly and easily. We’ve got a map and images of the exact spots you’ll need to go.

Quick warning, sometimes the rings don’t appear so you’ll have to guess the exact location, however they are very close to the areas we outlined below.  We had to do this, it was a pain in the A, but you know Epic Games has a bunch of glitches every week.  Good luck Noobs!

All Floating Ring Locations

Once you’ve reached the Lazy Lake, you can find four different Floating Rings in the area.  Here’s a map to all of the locations, I’ll go int a bit more detail below.

Entrance to Lazy Lake

If you make your way into Lazy Lake via the road that goes along the river to the east of it you will come into an area with a gate. Right above that gate is the first ring you’re looking to collect. You should be able to jump to collect it, but you might need to build a quick ramp.

Between Buildings

At the north side of Lazy Lake at the No Sweat Insurance building you will find a ring floating between two buildings. You will need to build up to collect it, and you might as well get to the roof because the next one is high up as well!

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Over the Tree

There’s a pretty large tree directly in the middle of Lazy Lake, and you will find a ring floating over it. You can either fly into the area and grab it as you go by, or you can build to it from the No Sweat Insurance building!

Big Shots

To the very south of Lazy Lake is the Big Shots building, and right in the back of it you will find the final floating ring!

If you’re having trouble locating any of these, check out this video that features a potentially more specific route to each of the locations:

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