Horizon Zero Dawn launches on PC August 7th


Sound the battle drums folks. Get those smoke signals going. Horizon Zero Dawn now has a PC release date. Guerilla Games had previously announced plans for a summer release and then, to my equal parts joy and sadness, revealed a trailer for the sequel before gracing PC players with a date for the original. Well that’s solved now. You’ll be able to take Aloy on a good ol’ fashioned robo dino hunt while uncovering the secrets of the apocalypse on August 7th.

Along with the date announcement, Guerilla have published a trailer going over the PC-specific features you can expect for the port. Mostly it involves someone enthusiastically dragging a slider back and forth to the tune of the soundtrack but hey, here ya go:

Based on the trailer, you’ll be able to take advantage of ultra-wide screen support and unlocked frame rates. You can set your field of view, frame rate limit, and customize your graphics settings.  Oh and improved reflections and “dynamic foliage” which I probably won’t notice while I’m busy rolling around fighting giant Sawtooths but I’m sure it’s impressive.

As another biggie, you’ll be able to remap control keys in the settings as well. I personally prefer a gamepad for my action games, but I know you mouse and keyboard folks like to play around with customising controls.

Sony have hinted that more PlayStation exclusives might come to PC as well. Lookin’ at you, Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition, including the Frozen Wilds expansion, will launch on Steam and the Epic Games Store on August 7th for £33/€50/$50.

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