How to Draw Fortnite Skins (Chapter 2: Season 3)


We’re taking a look at some step-by-step video guides on how to draw Fortnite Battle Royale skins! If you’re starting out with sketching or digital art, then getting as much practice at drawing early in your life is a great way to master it quickly. These tutorials are easy to follow and will have you producing some fine pieces of art. Even if it doesn’t turn out how you wanted, just know that every time you pick up a pencil and try it again in the future, you will be gaining more and more skill!

Drawing is a skill that requires a lot of repetition. While you may not be able to draw things like you see online, just know that the people who created that art have been drawing for many years.  Make sure to keep practicing and you will get to a point where you can match or exceed anything that you’ve seen.

How to Draw Fortnite Skins

Here’s where we’ll be including videos with step-by-step instructions on how-to draw a variety of skins! These videos are from the YouTube channel Cartooning Club. I recommend them for more Fortnite stuff, and if you want to expand your drawing outside of Fortnite.

How to Draw Agent Peely

Peely has been an enduring character across the various seasons of Fortnite. He’s now taken up the mantle of a secret agent and is looking to infiltrate this whole Ghost and Shadow situation. This isn’t the goofy Peely that got turned into a blender drink by Jonesy anymore!

How to Draw Kit

Kit is new to Chapter 2: Season 3 and is the son of the muscle-packed Meowscles. While he’s not as big as his father yet, he’s smart enough to take the controls of a part robot and unicycle? The little kitty is a popular cosmetic from this season, so learning how to draw him is a great way to get you into more detailed artistry in the future!

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How to Draw Midas

Midas was the tier 100 skin in Chapter 2: Season 2! He is immensely popular, and is at the top of the ratings for best Fortnite skins of all-time. He’s a fairly simple skin, but the touches of gold and clean aspects of it have been massively appealing to players. Not only that, but you could use him in his ghost or shadow varietys and even cover him in gold!


How to Draw Meowscles

Meowscles is the muscle-bound cat skin from Chapter 2: Season 2! His attire is quite interest, but if you had a body like his you probably wouldn’t wear a shirt either! He is simultaneously a cute kitty and also scarily strong, so don’t underestimate him.


How to Draw Cuddle Team Leader

Cuddle Team Leader was one of the first mascot-esque skins to ever hit Fortnite. This skin is quite synonymous with the game now, and if someone has ever seen anything about Fortnite, they will no doubt recognize it.

How to Draw Jellie

While you might think Jellie is a jellyfish, it’s actually some kind of sea anemone. These are creatures that generally live on the seafloor, and are actually related to jellfish, so they aren’t too far off. It’s a very different skin because it’s one of the few skins without actual clothes on! Jellie does have a few details, but overall you’re liking this skin for the happy go lucky attitude of it and the coloring.


How to Draw Raven

Raven is one of the more popular skins to ever come to Fortnite. He’s super unique with the all-dark clothing, feather embellishments, and the glowing purple eyes. If you’re looking for something a bit more difficult to draw, Raven’s details make him a good option to try!

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How to Draw Rippley

Rippley is the result of some weird science going on in the Slurp factory. However, now that he’s here, he’s actually quite cute and appears to be a generally nice guy! Just be aware of his Sludge alter-ego, because he’s not too friendly.

How to Merry Marauder (Gingerbread Skin)

The Merry Marauder skin is a popular option for all you Christmas fans out there. While I will always remember him as the grumpy frowny version, you can now turn that frown upside down and make him happy again! One of the best skins from early Fortnite, due to the amount of character it has, while maintaining a clean look!


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