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Fortnite Battle Royale Profile Pics to use on Social Media

Wanna impress your girlfriend?  How about a Fortnite Battle Royale Profile Pic?  Speed yellow, how about Black Knight, maybe Purple Skull Ranger, go big or go home baby!

If you’re looking for a wide-arrange of Fortnite profile pics, then we’ve got a bunch you can use for Discord, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Xbox, and any other social media platform you can come up with. These are simple to use, just copy and save them to your phone, console, or desktop then in the profile avatar selection choose the one you saved from your hard drive!

Fortnite Profile Pics List

We’ve got a whole bunch of profile pics and avatars for you to choose from! If you are wanting a particular one, you can ask in the comments and I will try to accommodate! However, it might be some time before I get to your request, so please be patient.

Sweaty Fortnite Battle Royale Soccer Skin Profile Pics

The soccer skins of Fortnite are part of the Goalbound Set. These are well-known amongst regular Fortnite players.  The Goalbound set was one of the first cosmetics you could customize by picking the country and number you wanted. They’re also known as a sweat skin, which mean try-hards use them.  Other websites will try to scare you by telling you to avoid pushing Soccer skins but at FortniteBoards, we advise you to go balls to the wall and fight them, many times you’ll find they are posers.  Other skins have been added to the sweat list, but the soccer skins to carry the stigma.



Other Profile Pics

FBBR.co is a great source for various Fortnite Skins that are currently in the game, OG skins and skins yet to come.

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