Fortnite: Where is Dirty Docks? (Week 4 Aquaman Challenges)


Dirty Docks Underwater?

Remember Dirty Docks from Season 2?  Well Week 4 Season 3 challenges brings us to the previous season’s Point of Interest (POI).

This might be a bit confusing to people because Dirty Docks has pretty much disappeared off the map at the moment. However, if you played in the previous season, then you should know where it is! If not, FortniteBoards will show you exactly where you can find Dirty Docks on the map in Season 3 of Fortnite.

Where is Dirty Docks?

Dirty Docks can be found directly east of Frenzy Farm and in the ocean water. It was flooded over which is why it isn’t labeled on the map. However, if you look under the water, you’ll see that it’s still there just submerged at the moment. We will likely see it fully exposed as the water level drops further.

You are no doubt looking to complete the Aquaman challenge for week 4! Here’s some more information on that:

Complete the swimming Time Trial at Dirty Docks (1)

You’ll find the swimming time trial kind of in the middle of nowhere in the ocean on the west. Just head northeast from retail row into the big area of water that used to be Dirty Docks! You’ll see a glowing stopwatch icon that is near the large crane. Interact with that and just swim your way through the timers. You’ll want to jump in and out of the water to gain speed bursts to complete the challenge.  Below is a video from HarryNinetyFour.

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