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Fortnite Creative Tycoon Codes – Spy Tycoon and Food Fight Tycoon Codes


Best Fortnite Creative Tycoon Codes

The goal of Tycoon Games is to collect a currency which enables you to upgrade your ability to collect that currency.   You can then use this currency to upgrade your base as well as upgrade weapons.  For example, you can use these weapons to take out zombies (who also give currency) or eliminate other players.

Spy Tycoon

In this version of Tycoon you are seeking to collect a particular currency which helps upgrade your base and weapons.  You then use your upgraded weapons to take out zombies and eliminate other players.  The goal is to invade your opponent’s base, find a crystal llama for additional points, and the player that gets to 50 points is the winner.

Creative Map Code:  5990-3025-0295

Food Fight Tycoon

Battle to build the best restaurant! Buy upgrades, play mini games, and fight to build up your tycoon and win the food fight!

Creative Map Code: 9557-8579-6544

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