How to Level up the Fastest in Season 3 of Fortnite and Gain the Most XP

We’ll explain briefly how to level up the fastest and gain the most XP in Season 3 of Fortnite Battle Royale.  In reality it should only take a few games daily to gain XP quickly.

XP Supercharged

Do you challenges when you have XP Supercharge, you get the biggest bang for your time!!!

Complete Punch Cards

Punch Cards aren’t refreshed every day but feature progressive challenges instead. Each set of challenges gets harder once you start punching the cards.  Each milestone on a Punch Card rewards players with 14,000 XP.

Fastest XP Leveling Methods

Play Bot Lobbies

The best places to land with bots is Wailing Woods, Misty Meadows, the Orchard, and Holly Hedges.  Often if you play late at night you’ll get some bot lobbies but you usually get a bunch of sweaty players too.  Bottomline, get good khed!

Play Team Rumble

Team rumble is a great way to get XP for eliminations and weapon damage, with unlimited respawns you can push constantly.

Henchmen XP

120XP, kill and shake Henchman, places like Catty Corner and The Authority.

Complete Quick Challenges

Earn between 1400 – 14,000 XP by completing miscellaneous quick challenges.

Collect XP Coins

Easy way to get XP, collect coins.  We have many articles on our site that tells you where to get the XP coins in Season 3.  Purple XP coins give you the most.

Complete Weekly Fortnite Challenges

14,000 – 55, 000 XP, do your challenges, they are so easy to do.  We have guides all over the site with tutorials and cheats.

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