Watch Dogs: Legion launching on October 29th


Ubisoft today announced an October 29th release date for Watch Dogs: Legion and introduced a few of the potential stars in new videos. Legion hops over the proverbial pond to focus on DedSec operatives in London fighting The Man by hacking the oeuvre of David Mamet [the planet -rhyming slang ed.], and this time we can play all sorts of different people by recruiting NPCs around the world. Come meet some of them.

First, here’s a cinematic trailer directed by Alberto Mielgo:

That’s the broad idea: everyone around you could be an ally. After one awful Watch Dogs protagonist and one fun one, Legion skips to having hundreds, with every NPC out and about in the word potentially an operative, if you can recruit them. A bit like Metal Gear Solid V, but with a softer touch. Each NPC has different abilities, equipment, and access reflecting their archetypal backgrounds, from builders and drone experts to assassins and even undercover enemy employees. This narrated gameplay explain-o-vid introduces a few of them:

Watch Dogs: Legion is coming to the Epic Games Store and Uplay on October 29th, priced at £50. It’s made by Ubisoft Toronto.

In recent weeks, numerous Ubisoft staff and studios have been accussed of sexual harrassment, abuse, and discrimination. They have vowed to investigate reports and to fix the company’s problems. Another three executives resigned today in the wake of the allegations.

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