The Last Of Us HBO Show Will “Expand” On The Series


Chernobyl miniseries creator and The Last of Us show producer, Craig Mazin, said that the television adaptation of Naugty Dog’s popular post-apocalyptic zombie franchise will “expand” on the series.

Mazin talked about The Last of Us show on BBC Radia 5 Live’s Chernobyl Special, in which he discussed the delicate balancing act he faces in adapting such a widely lauded game franchise to television. He assured fans during the conversation the show will “expand” instead of “undo” the source material.

“I think fans of something worry that, when the property gets licensed to someone else, those people don’t really understand it, or are going to change it,” Mazin said. “In this case, I’m doing [the series] with the guy who [created the game], and so the changes that we’re making are designed to fill things out and expand, not to undo, but rather to enhance [the source material].

“We’re creating anew and we’re also reimagining what is already there to present a different format,” Mazin continued. It’s kind of a dream come true for me. I’m a little bit scared because a lot of emotions connected to this game are rather intense. I think I’m probably going to go hide in a bunker for a while because you can’t make everyone happy.”

Mazin has previously professed his love for The Last of Us. A tweet ranking his favorite video games of all time saw 2013’s The Last of Us in his number one spot. And as a fan of the series and of Ellie as a character, Mazin also confirmed that the protagonist’s sexuality will remain unchanged in the HBO show.

While casting announcements have not been confirmed as of yet, the series has landed Vikings director and fellow Chernobyl cohort Johan Renck to direct the pilot episode. And Joel voice actor Troy Baker revealed who he thinks should play the gruff father figure.

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