Borderlands 3 Anniversary Celebration


Borderlands 3 Anniversary Celebration

Borderlands 3 is just under a year old, the game went live on  September 13th, 2019 and was celebrated with a big Fortnite Battle Royale event in it’s honor.  The developers at Gearbox are going to be holding a six week long long mini-event extravaganza.  Throughout the event, which started on July 30th, you’ll be able to participate in a variety of events that will test your Borderland Badlands skill level.  If you’ve been playing for a while, or maybe just a noob or bot, then you might recognize some of the events outlined below, but one thing is for sure, you’ll need to get your sweat on!

From July 30th onward, every seven days there will be a new event to try out until we get close to the actual launch date of Borderlands 3 which as mentioned above is September 13th.

There are six events in total where you can obtain some additional loot, all dates and times are below:

  • ECHOCast Overload (9 AM PT July 30 to 8:59 AM PT August 6) – You have a better chance of obtaining loot during Rare Chest Events via the ECHOcast Twitch extension! I believe this was one of the first mini-events we had in the game.
  • Bonus Boss Loot (9 AM PT August 6 to 8:59 AM PT August 13) – Most of the bosses you’ll encounter have an increased chance to drop some legendary loot!
  • Loot Monster Mayhem (9 AM PT August 13 to 8:59 AM PT August 20) – The spawn rates for Loot variant enemies will increase.
  • Show Me The Eridium (9 AM PT August 20 to 8:59 AM PT August 27) – An increase on Eridium drops and it also features an Eridium item discount!
  • Mayhem Made Mild (9 AM PT August 27 to 8:59 AM PT September 3) – This is a really interesting one because it will give you all easy modifiers in Mayhem Mode. That means you can crank up the difficulty if you haven’t maxed out yet.
  • Making It Rain (9 AM PT September 3 to 8:59 AM PT September 10) – Slain enemies will drop more in-game money!

Quick note, you do not need to have any of the DLCs to participate in these events.

Borderlands and Fortnite

As we get closer to the one year anniversary expect the Fortnite Item Shop to break out the Borderlands skins again!

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