What does it mean to be Sweaty in Fortnite Battle Royale


Sweaty Fortnite Players, what does it mean?

Hey folks, this article is meant for Fortnite Bots and Noobs.  Trust me, sweats aren’t researching what sweaty means, they know.

We often get the question, what does Sweaty mean?  A sweaty Fortnite player is good, he’s probably one of the best.  No, I’m not talking about any players you’ve probably heard of like Ninja, SypherPK, Tfue (though he’s pretty sweaty at UNO), Bugha and so on.  We are talking about players that are so good, you’ve never heard of many of them, they are ghosts.  Sweaty Fortnite players normally have no names, usually Anonymous123 or something like that.  They often are thirsting and clapping you in #69 Soccer Skins.

These sweaty players are so good, they often get reported by big name players like Ninja for their aimbot.exe aim or stream sniping.  However, they don’t use Aimbot or stream snipe, they just have some sweaty aim and push 100% of the time, they put the pressure on you to react.

Sweaty players edit their builds like Picasso or VanGogh, build like Navy Sea Beas and flat out ball like TB12, Jordan and Kobe.  They aren’t try-hards, they aren’t pumping 90’s to the sky, only to die of fall damage.  They just hang back, evaluate and straight push, boom in 30 seconds you are done.  Thanks for playing.

Question is, are you sweaty?  If you’re reading this, most likely not!

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