Xbox Live Changed To Xbox Online Services In Microsoft's Terms Of Service


Microsoft has changed “Xbox Live” to “Xbox online services” in the company’s service agreement. The service has also been amended to refer to “Xbox consoles” instead of “Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles.” The changes are effective starting October 1.

The change comes after Microsoft has been making tweaks to Xbox Live, removing the option to buy yearly and six-month subscriptions for Xbox Live Gold. This makes it only slightly cheaper to buy Xbox Live Gold instead of buying Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

GameSpot has reached out to Microsoft for comment.

There has recently been rumors and speculation that Xbox Live may soon become free. However Microsoft itself has not indicated that this is true. As it currently stands Xbox Live Gold is required for online multiplayer in all games on the console.

343 Industries, which is owned by Microsoft, recently announced that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will be free-to-play when the game launches later this year alongside the Xbox Series X.

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