Mini Review: Ultracore (PS Vita Version) – Revitalizing a Dead Console


Review Ultracore PS Vita

I recently reviewed Ultracore by Inin Games and Strictly Limited Games on the Nintendo Switch however later I was offered a review copy of the PS Vita version of the game as well. PS Vita is a console that we do not hear much about these days and for me, it is still one of the best handheld consoles that simply failed because of corporate greed. I couldn’t say no and decided to review the game again on PS Vita because this is actually my first ever review on the PS Vita and I couldn’t be happier for firing up my Vita once more. This is our review of the PS Vita version of Ultracore in which we jump back 26 years once again and experience this nostalgic shooter on another platform.

Just like the PS Vita console itself, Contra-type shooters are pretty much forgotten now with modern shooters like Warzone and Apex Legends taking the spotlight. Ultracore arrives at a time and a platform that seems to be lost to the past as well. It was a great sight to see Ultracore’s icon pop around after its installation was complete and I started the game. Under the hood, Ultracore plays pretty much the same as the Nintendo Switch version. Since the game is not too demanding on hardware, the gameplay was crisp and smooth on PS Vita and it looked perfectly at home on the Vita.

Review Ultracore PS Vita

Ultracore and PS Vita features the same 2D shooter gameplay and comes with five levels of the Nintendo Switch release. All additional features are also present in the game. You explore the multi-layered levels as you shoot through robot enemies shooting back bullets and missiles at you. You have your wits to survive along with the traditional jumping, shooting, and crouching. One of the few forgotten mechanics of this classic era is the directional lock while shooting which allowed you to shoot in the same direction while running backward, jumping, or standing. This makes it really easy to shoot in the same direction and run back towards safety since most of the enemies normally rush into you.

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Each level has plenty of action for you ranging from waves of enemies, secrets to find, hidden doors, security cards, and boss fights. Each level is pretty big in its own way as you have to find cards, flip switches, eliminate enemies, and watch out for different hazards along the way such as electrical floors and endless ditches. You have a timer for each level but you can always find timer pickups and extend your time for each level. Coins that you find in the levels will help you purchase better weapons. You can also find them in various hidden containers throughout the game.

Review Ultracore PS Vita

Save feature is missing from the PS Vita version of Ultracore as well however it is highly doubtful that you would still be playing any other game on your Vita so you can just pause the game when you are away and resume when you are back. Quitting the game and starting it again will force you to restart the game once again right from the very start. You can save passwords after clearing a level and use them to start the level that you want quickly. However, this requires you actually write them down and later remember where you put them.

Final Verdict:

Ultracore on PS Vita is a breath of fresh air for the console. I don’t remember many new titles releasing on PS Vita and Ultracore is a great title to play on-the-go if you still have a PS Vita lying around. Since PS Vita was also termed as an indie console back in its day as we mostly got indie games on the console, it is the perfect home for any game like Ultracore that is light and excellent for quick pick-and-play sessions. I will highly recommend that you if you are still playing on your PS Vita, you must try Ultracore on your Vita rather than PS4 or Nintendo Switch. For me, it was a great game to brush off the dust off my Vita and use it once more after all these years.

Final Score: 8.5/10

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