Where to Find the Wolverine Boss in Fortnite


New Wolverine Boss Fortnite

In today’s 14.20 patch of Fortnite Battle Royale, there is a new boss in town, specifically the NEW Wolverine boss.  The Wolverine Boss is pretty difficult to wipe out especially for you Noobs, so be prepared for a fight and a 95% chance to get cracked.

Where to Find Wolverine Boss?

Wolverine Boss can be found in the vicinity of Weeping Woods, and if you’re able to beat him, you’ll get the ability to use his claws to takeout your enemies.  He appears to be one of the only bosses that is in Battle Royale that doesn’t have henchman around, which makes sense, because Wolverine is a lone wolf.

How to find Wolverine

If you’re looking to locate the Wolverine Boss in Fortnite, then you need to visit Weeping Woods. He roams and wonders around the main area of Weeping Woods, specifically by the cabins and vehicles in the forest. You can locate his footprints if you look around the area, and you should find him creeping nearby.

Wolverine Boss Location and Map

Wolverine Boss Location and Map

How to Beat the Wolverine Boss Fight

Now that you’ve found Wolverine, you can’t hide, be a man and get out there and fight him.  Many will tell you to don’t take him on, but you need to just push him.  Keep in mind, Wolverine has what appears to be over 1,000 health/shield available and he pushes anyone who is attacking him. So, your best bet is to attack him from afar on top of a building if possible. Fighting him up close is a bad idea unless you can dish out enough damage quickly enough to take him out. He runs a lot faster than your average character, and he will shred your structures, so building is only so effective against him.

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Once you’ve beat the Wolverine Boss, you can then grab Wolverine’s Claws superpower ability. The Claws superpower ability allows you to do an Air Slash maneuver in mid-air, will spin around with your claws extended and rip up anyone in your path. You can also dash in the air if you hit the jump button again. There’s a dodge ability, as well as a generic slashing attack that is your primary. Overall the Claws work well if in close range.

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