Fortnite BTS Concert Evert: BTS Dynamite Concert Time, timezone converter & Date


Here’s everything you need to know about the Fortnite BTS concert event including the time and date of the event.

We’ve had a number of music artists perform in Fortnite Party Royale, but today’s Fortnite concert could be it’s biggest yet, and more importantly for Epic, drawing in a substantial number of new players.

Epic Games announced that BTS would be coming to Fortnite on September 21st. They’ll premier the choreography version of their new “Dynamite” single. The two BTS Fortnite emotes were made available to purchase yesterday.

You can only purchase them together by purchasing the BTS Dynamite pack that’s still available to purchase in the item shop. The pack costs 800 V-Bucks and will provide players with the It’s Dynamite! and I’m Diamond BTS emotes.

The BTS Fortnite concert takes place today and we’ve covered everything you’ll need to know to watch the event including the time and how and where to watch the concert.

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Fortnite BTS Concert

When is the BTS Fortnite concert Dynamite event time?

The BTS Fortnite concert event takes place today, September 25th, at 8 PM EDT. There’s also a replay of the event tomorrow, September 26th, at 8 AM EDT. There’ll be no other showing of the Fortnite BTS concert after this.

EDT converted to my timezone

If you don’t know what time the BTS Fortnite event is in your timezone and you’re trying to convert the EDT timezone to your own, fear not. We’ve added a countdown timer which will display the correct time until the event begins in your country!
Time converter at

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Time converter at

How to watch the BTS event and enter Party Royale

In order to jump into Fortnite Party Royale, you’ll need to load up Fortnite, sign it, and get to the lobby screen. Near the bottom right corner, you’ll find a blue “change”. Press that and select the “Party Royale” mode and then click the “accept” button.

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How to enter Fortnite Party Royale How to enter Fortnite Party Royale

After you’ve press accept, you’ll automatically return back to the lobby screen. All you need to do then is to press the yellow “play” button to start.

Where is the main stage in Fortnite Party Royale?

The Fortnite BTS concert event will take place where all the Party Royale concerts do, at the main stage. Here’s the location of the main stage:

party royale main stage Fortnite location party royale main stage Fortnite location

When you enter Party Royale, you’ll spawn near the plaza. You’ll want too look for the ice cream shop in-game called “SOFDEEZ” as seen below:

From the above image, looking at the SOFDEEZ entrace, you’ll want to follow the road in the back-right. You’ll find a disco sign notifying you that you’re on the right track in getting to the main stage. Cross the bridge with small blue arcs over it and head straight.

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When you arrive at the main stage, just wait for the event begin.

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If you have any questions about the Fortnite BTS concert event, or are having trouble finding the main stage, be sure to comment in the comments section below.

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