How Live Streamers Are Making A Full-Time Income With Twitch


The idea of making a full-time income from playing video games is something that would have seemed impossible years ago. However, in 2020, more and more people are proving that making a career out of live streaming video games is very possible.

This post covers some of the main ways that people have made a full-time career out of streaming so that you can be feeling more confident about trying it out for yourself.

How Many People Use Twitch?

Twitch brings in an average of approximately 1.4 million viewers at a single time. There are also around 4 million people who are streaming on the platform every month.

So, the competition is high, but there are so many viewers on the Twitch platform which means that there’s still plenty of opportunities for new streamers to create an audience. It’s also worth noting that out of the 4 million live streamers using the platform every month, not all of them are making money from their channels.

You can easily set up an account with Twitch for free to start watching content or to become a live streamer. This is because Twitch generates money through purchases within its platform, as well as subscription and ad revenue.

How To Build Your Own Audience On Twitch

To be able to create a full-time income from Twitch, you’ll need to build a large audience that consistently tunes into your streams. You can still make some great money on the side to boost your overall income if you have a smaller but loyal audience.

Most live streamers on Twitch are still in the beginning stages of being able to make an audience for themselves. It’s something that takes time, which means that you’ll need to have some patience.

To build an audience for yourself, you’ll need to find a unique angle that no one else currently has. You can even take ideas from other streamers and create something new to provide new audiences with a reason to watch you over the other streamers.

Since there’s so much competition among live streamers on Twitch, it’s important to give viewers something new and exciting that makes them want to consistently watch your streams. Having consistent viewers and interacting with them regularly is an excellent way to create a loyal fan base community.

Having said that, you also still need to be doing live streams that people will want to watch. This may mean seeing what games are the most popular as it’s more likely that people will watch your live streams if it’s a game that they know compared to a more obscure game.

You should also consider the types of games that you’re good at. Some of the biggest streamers who are making full-time incomes on Twitch are great at the games that they stream. They can provide practical insights for viewers who are looking to improve their game.

This is a superb way to make a reliable income from Twitch as you’re able to provide viewers with more of a reason to watch your streams as they can leave having learned something new that they can apply to their gameplay.

Another popular way that streamers on Twitch build their audience organically is by collaborating with other streamers on the platform. This is a fun way for you to reach a new audience while also helping someone else to reach a new audience too.

Be sure to find streamers that are similar enough to you so that the collaboration doesn’t feel like it comes out of nowhere for the viewers. You can try reaching out to other live streamers on Twitch or social media and build a natural rapport so that you can live stream together and have fun.

Even getting a shoutout or a mention from a larger streamer on social media can work wonders for your Twitch channel. So, don’t be afraid to reach out to other streamers and start networking!

Regularly interacting with viewers is something that big Twitch channels make sure to do as much as they can. Interacting with your audience is a great way to create a sense of community among you and your viewers.

One of the other last things that live streamers on Twitch do to build their audience is to have a consistent streaming schedule. When viewers know exactly when you’re streaming for and for how long, they’ll be more likely to tune in at the right time which will boost the number of people you can have in your streams at once.

Twitch Monetization Methods

Twitch Partnership & Affiliate Programs

Applying to a Twitch Partnership Program is an avenue that many streamers try applying for. It’s a program that requires you to meet a range of criteria that can be pretty challenging for beginners. Under 1% of total Twitch streamers can be accepted into the Partnership Program.

The Twitch Affiliate Program is one that more people are able to be accepted into as the requirements aren’t as difficult to achieve compared to being a Twitch Partner. Being a part of the Twitch Affiliate Program gives you the ability to start making money from people subscribing to your channel.

Viewers who subscribe to your channel are paying a monthly fee for the service which you’re able to get a cut out of. There are different subscription plans that range from $4.99 to $24.99. The higher the price, the more benefits, and extras viewers can experience.

Gaining more subscriptions is an excellent way to create a steady income while streaming on Twitch. This is because viewers pay for their subscription on a monthly basis that is paid automatically.

Being a Twitch Affiliate lets you make money from Twitch Bits too. Twitch Bits are what viewers can use to send you donations.

You’re able to make more money through being a Twitch Partner compared to an Affiliate as there are more options available. One of the big benefits of being a Twitch Partner is that you can promote certain games for people to purchase during the live stream.

This enables you to receive a cut of the profits being made from the in-game purchases during Twitch streams.

Ad Revenue 

Twitch Partners can also make money from ad revenue which is an incredibly easy way of boosting income.

If people have ad-blockers installed in their browsers while watching your streams, you won’t be able to make money from the adverts. However, many of the big streamers ask viewers to turn their ad-blockers off while watching their streams so that they can still earn money.


Selling merch is a common way for live streamers to make money. Although this is something that’s left to the more popular live streamers, it’s more of a guarantee that they’re going to be able to sell all of their merch.

It’s best for smaller channels to stay focused on building up their subscriber count and creating a community of loyal fans before they start selling merch. This is because the process of making merchandise can be costly and it may not be worth the cost if you don’t have enough loyal fans who will buy it.


Popular Twitch streamers are always collaborating with various brands to promote their products or services in return for a cut of the profits being made. There are different types of sponsorships available that enable you to provide your viewers with a special discount.

When it comes to looking for potential sponsors, be sure to consider the ones that are selling a product or service that you think your audience would be interested in. If the item being sold is something that doesn’t have any relation to your channel or the interactions that you have with viewers, it’s going to be more difficult to sell.


People have been able to quit their jobs and use live streaming to earn a consistent income every month. It’s something that’s definitely possible, so long as you have the patience and understand more about how people are making thousands from Twitch live streams.

There’s also more to earning a full-time income through Twitch through factors including your streaming gear and software.

After checking out this post on how live streamers can make a full-time income from Twitch, you can have a better idea of how to approach increasing your income through live streams.

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