Here's When Funko's NYCC 2020 Shared Exclusive Pop Figures Will Go On Sale


Funko’s lineup New York Comic-Con 2020 / NYCC Metaverse shared exclusive Pop figures are set to drop tomorrow, October 9th, as part of their Virtual Con 4.0 event. Our guide to ordering NYCC Funko Pop shared exclusives is going to be your best friend at launch – it includes a complete breakdown of the Pop figures and where you will be able to get them. In addition to that, you’ll want to keep the following information in mind with regard to the time that the exclusives will go on sale and which Pops to go after first.

Like most Funko Pop fans, you probably missed out on Funko’s lottery for first dibs on NYCC 2020 exclusives. Even if you succeeded, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a shared exclusive Pop figure with a booth sticker. You’ll need to hunt for those on eBay after they’ve been confirmed. However, your best (and least frustrating) opportunity to grab the shared exclusives is through the partner retailers. Here’s what you need to know…

When Do Funko’s NYCC 2020 Shared Exclusive Pop Figures Go On Sale?

For the first time, Funko is attempting to coordinate all shared exclusive Funko Pop launches for 9am PST (12pm EST) on October 9th. Historically, most of the Pop figures launched around midnight EST, with a handful of retailers dropping their Pops later on launch day, or even the day after the rest of the pack.

We expect that all of the retailers will stick to this time, but keep your eye on Walmart and GameStop as they have been known to jump the gun on Pop figure releases. Hot Topic and BoxLunch also seem to launch all of their new products at 9pm PST / 12am EST, so you might want to check in early there as well.

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Which NYCC 2020 Shared Exclusive Pop Figures Should I Go After First?

When the NYCC 2020 shared exclusive Pop figures go live, your best bet is to hit Amazon, Walmart, Target, Hot Topic, BoxLunch, and GameStop first. Going in that order is probably a good idea as well – these retailers generally get the most attention and the quickest sellouts. A breakdown for the NYCC 2020 shared exclusive Pop figures for these retailers is available below along with links where they are expected to be available. Again, you can find a complete breakdown via our master list.

Amazon NYCC 2020 Funko Pop Figure ExclusivesOrder Here:

  • How I Met Your Mother – Robin Sparkles Pop
  • Star Wars: The Mandalorian – The Child with Pendant Pop
  • The Princess Bride – Fezzik (6-inch)
  • Pinocchio – Jiminy Cricket Pop

Walmart NYCC 2020 Funko Pop Exclusives – Order Here:

  • The Office – Dwight Schrute as Recyclops Pop
  • Fortnite – Bash Pop

Target NYCC 2020 Funko Pop ExclusivesOrder Here


  • Danny Phantom – Danny Pop
  • G.I. Joe Retro Toys – Beach Head Pop
  • Pokemon – Pikachu Pop (Flocked)

Hot Topic NYCC 2020 Funko Pop ExclusivesOrder Here:

  • Crunchyroll Junji Ito Collection – Junji Ito Souichi Pop
  • My Hero Academia – Mr. Compress Pop
  • The Simpsons – Comic Book Guy Pop
  • DC Comics Batman – Nightwing Pop
  • Marvel – Red Goblin Pop

BoxLunch NYCC 2020 Funko Pop ExclusivesOrder Here:

  • Pokemon – Growlithe Pop (Flocked)
  • Pixar’s Up – Carl & Ellie (Movie Moment)
  • Marvel Zombies – Zombie Daredevil Pop
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GameStop NYCC 2020 Funko Pop ExclusivesOrder Here

  • Marvel – Miles Morales Street Art Collection Deluxe Pop
  • Beetlejuice – Beetlejuice with Handbook (GITD) Pop
  • The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror – Werewolf Bart Pop
  • Cowboy Bebop – Ein Flocked Pop (w / Tee)
  • Naruto Shippuden – Kaguya Otsutsuki Pop
  • Masters of the Universe – Beast Man Pop (10-inch)

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