Daredevil Comes To Fortnite With The Marvel Knockout Super Series


Some awesome news from Epic Games this morning as Daredevil will be dropping into Fortnite, along with the Marvel Knockout Super Series. Ever since the Marvel characters have been appearing in the game, people have been wondering how deep the two companies will be going into their rosters and bringing characters into the game. With a library as deep as Marvel’s, the possibilities are endless. Well, we now know the first new character to appear since this season started will be Matt Murdock himself, clad in what appears to be the current version of the comic book outfit where he’s mostly clad in red. Along with his appearance, the game will be launching four competitive cups centered around the Marvel Knockout game mode. Each cup is hosted by a new hero or villain, meaning we’re going to be seeing three new additions in the coming weeks.

The Man Without Fear drops into Fortnite this week, courtesy of Epic Games.

The Man Without Fear drops into Fortnite this week, courtesy of Epic Games.

The Man Without Fear drops into Fortnite this week, courtesy of Epic Games.

Winners get bragging rights and early access to the hero/villain outfit before it is available. Plus, these four cups will build up to a final, $1,000,000 tournament to conclude the Marvel Knockout Super Series.  As an added bonus, any player who participates in all four of the cups will receive the exclusive Nexus War Glider.  You can read more about the first tourney below, which will kick off on October 14th, 2020.

Fortnite Cup 1: The Daredevil Cup

Become the Guardian Devil of the Marvel Knockout LTM by competing in the first cup of the series — the Daredevil Cup — this Wednesday, October 14th. Top teams in each region will earn the Daredevil Outfit early before it hits the Item Shop. Learn more in the official rules. The remaining three cups will be scheduled for next month. We’ll begin to announce them with more information starting at the beginning of November.

Marvel Knockout Refresher

Marvel Knockout is a spin on Operation: Knockout that sees your team utilize super-powers to be the best team on the tournament bracket. Battle alongside your team against foes in a 4-round knockout fight! Each round your team will be given a different set of powers to battle opponents with mirrored abilities!

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