How to get the golden version of the Off-site Student?








With the second week of the Masquerade Ball event (otherwise known as Hallow’s End ), it will finally be possible to obtain, as a reward, the golden copy of the Cardiff-site student.

As many of you will remember, in fact, with the release of the Scholomance Academy, two non-gilded copies of the paper were given off-site students, but without it being possible to build or otherwise find the Golden copy of the card.

Now, however, by completing a series of objectives, we will comfortably receive this version directly in our collection… but how to get it? We will simply have to complete a few games in the various modes present in the inn… let’s go and see the details.

To receive it, as Off-site student, we will have to:

  • Play a game in the Dalaran adventure
  • Play a game in the Tombs of Terror adventure
  • Play a game in the Galakrond adventure
  • Play a game in Trial by Felfire ( in Story Mode, not Challenges )
  • Play a game in Book of Heroes – Rexxar
  • Play a match in the Arena (no need to complete a run, just do one match)
  • Play a game on Battlegrounds

From the first impressions published on the web, it seems that it is not necessary to complete every single game and that the “grant” is therefore valid as a tool to “shorten” times.

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