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The witching season is upon us and it’s time to embrace everything that goes bump in the night. And that is the case for Fortnite too as a brand new DLC pack rocks up. But will you be looking to join the Skull Squad?

Available to purchase and download for use in-game right now, the Fortnite – Skull Squad Pack is the latest DLC drop for the worldwide phenomenon that is Fortnite. Now, I don’t have to sit here and explain to you what the game is about, and I don’t have to work with words to describe what an utter sensation it has been. If you’re reading these pages, you’ll know all about it. 

But what you may not know about is the latest DLC pack. The Skull Squad Pack has obviously been pushed out to capitalise on the Halloween season, bringing all manner of ghastly options to the Fortnite table. And so if you’re looking to mix your game up a little more than normal, this is one to seriously consider. 

So, what do we have? Well, priced at £15.99, the Fortnite – Skull Squad Pack will let you rise from your own personal crypt to unleash madness on your foes with new outfits, weaponry, Back Blings and more. Should you be up for rattling a few bones, then all of the following could well be yours…

  • – Fishskull Outfit
  • – Bait Bones Pickaxe
  • – Skull Squad Leader Outfit
  • – Cuddly Bones Back Bling
  • – Bone Boss Outfit
  • – Creep Fried Back Bling
  • – Beef Bone Pickaxe
  • – Bone Ravage Outfit
  • – Bone Wings Back Bling
  • – Skelly Sailer Glider – Bony Wrap
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With multiple other DLC packs available for Fortnite – like the most recent Corrupted Legends Pack or the cheap, sleek, Street Serpent Pack – the options for Fortnite players are ever increasing. Should this latest downloadable content drop be more to your liking though and you just can’t ignore the draw of a new Fishskull Outift or Bone Wings Back Bling, you’ll find the Skull Squad Pack ready for action right now. Just head to your favoured digital store – ours being the Xbox Store

DLC Description:

Rise from the crypt and creep on the unsuspecting with this bone chilling Skeleteam! Rattle your bones with the Skull Squad pack!

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