Fortnite Goes Down Until Season 5 After Galactus Event


Fortnite’s big Galactus event took place on Tuesday with the Devourer of Worlds finally arriving in the battle royale game after much anticipation and many teases. With the event now concluded, Fortnite players have found that the game is once again unplayable as part of a dramatic transition between the two seasons. It’s expected that the game will not be playable again until Season 5 arrives, but fortunately players won’t have to wait that long since the next season is scheduled to start on December 2nd.

After the countdown ended, the Fortnite event began with Galactus attempting to devour the world as he’s known to do. With some help from Iron Man and a fleet of Battle Busses, players were transported for the first time to a first-person perspective to pilot a bus. After laying into Galactus’ drones with some blasters, different Marvel heroes like Wolverine and Thor joined the fight to assist players.

Upon tricking Galactus into absorbing the Battle Busses that were primed to explode, players defended the planet from Galactus. After getting a “post-credit” scene of sorts, players were met with a “connecting” screen that prevented them from hopping back into the game. A “To Be Continued” hinted that we’d see more on this newest saga soon, and a new countdown started to show when the game would apparently be playable again when Season 5 starts.

Fortnite Season 5(Photo: Epic Games)

Of course, this isn’t the first time that we’ve seen this sort of thing happened in Fortnite. In October 2019, Fortnite ushered in a new type of experience by “resetting” its seasonal system with the release of Fortnite Chapter 2. This release followed a massive event fittingly titled “The End” which has been the biggest Fortnite event to date, assuming players don’t consider the recent Galactus event to be the one to dethrone it.

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After The End happened, players who tried to hop on Fortnite were met with a blackout featuring a massive black hole that sucked up the entirety of the game. Given how Galactus is known for devouring worlds, the same sort of transition makes sense thematically and should also give plenty of time for the beefy Season 5 update to be released.

As for what’s coming in Season 5, we only saw hints of what Fortnite might look like from the big Galactus event. We know that the next season of the game is supposed to include a subscription service for those who want more out of Fortnite than they’re already getting and that there will supposedly be some cosmetics from The Mandalorian in the season. You can bet that there will be another battle pass for players to work through as well as several other features new to the game in Season 5 that we’ll learn more about at the start of the season and as it goes on.

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