Epic Games Buys A Mall To Turn Into Their New Offices


Epic Games has decided to go big or go home with their office decor and has purchased an entire mall for their new headquarters. The company is currently located in Cray, North Carolina, which is basically a neighboring town outside of Raleigh. While the offices they have are pretty good for the company, it appears they’ve outgrown them and have decided on new digs. But the new location is a bit of an oddity as they are moving ten minutes away into the Cary Towne Center, which is basically an indoor shopping mall built in 1979 and has been renovated a few times over for the past few decades. The site will be home to their offices as well as their new on-site campus which will open in 2024, operating much like Blizzard Entertainment’s HQ does in California.

Epic Games Buys A Mall To Turn Into Their New Offices

Epic Games Buys A Mall To Turn Into Their New Offices

Credit: Epic Games

Funny enough, and this is a true story, I’ve actually been to this mall! Back in 2019 when the world was still throwing esports tournaments, I was in a hotel across the street from this location. Basically, we had to walk through the parking lot to get some food because, you know, it’s an old mall with not much going on. The location itself seems pretty dope, but considering the size of it all, we are curious what the entire site will entail. Which, incidentally, Epic Games is buying out the entire property so this won’t be something co-owned by the city or some random subsidiary group, either. Hopefully, this means the company will actually allow people to tour the facility or have some kind of public interaction, as for a while now the offices have been closed to the outside public, not even offering any kind of tour. We look forward to seeing what they all have planned for the location down the road.

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