The Last Guardian Dev Teases Its 2021 Project


Japanese studio Gen Design, the creators of the critically acclaimed adventurer The Last Guardian, has begun teasing the project it has in the works for the upcoming year.

Heading over to Gen Design’s website reveals a blocky “2021” logo with pictures from The Last Guardian and Shadow of the Colossus inside the numbers, projects spearheaded by Fumito Ueda, and a message from the studio saying they “hope you will have a great year.”

Clicking on the numbers pulls up some text, with a sentence at the top indicating that Gen Design is “looking for new project development staff.” The currently available positions range from 3D Animator and Associate/Assistant Producer to Character Modeler and Game Designer. None of the job descriptions hint at the direction of Gen Design’s next project.

Whatever Gen Design is working on will be published by Fortnite makers Epic Games, and the Japanese studio isn’t the only developer to join the label. Others include Playdead and Remedy Entertainment. Under Epic Games Publishing, studios retain “full creative freedom and ownership” of their projects while splitting the profits 50-50 with Epic Games, a deal the Unreal Engine creator says will “fundamentally change the developer/publisher model.”

Little is known about Gen Design’s next game. However, in response to the stretched-out development of The Last Guardian, studio founder and game designer Ueda said in a June 2017 interview that he plans to change up how he makes games for this upcoming project. This change in creation, Ueda hopes, should shorten Gen Design’s development time.

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