Animal Crossing Special Character Breakdown – All You Need To Know About Sahara In New Horizons


Who is the mysterious Sahara and what does she do?

Oh Sahara, you beautiful camel! Sahara is back to her strange ways of selling rare wallpapers, flooring, and this time rugs! she is by far the most expensive special character. Sahara’s name originates from the Sahara Desert in Africa. throughout the series, Sahara has always been a slightly odd character, her personality matches the mysteriousness of her inventory. it surrounds her character with a mythical aura. she always talks about her travels to other countries and lands presumably where she obtains her inventory. naturally, this means she has her way of doing things. in past games, Sahara wouldn’t just accept money, instead, she would trade carpets with the player, along with ACNH bells.

In the wild world, the player had to deliver Animal Crossing items to other characters in the game, kind of like how Tom Nook put you to work at the beginning of the early games. by city folks, Sahara became a little less greedy and offered to trade an old carpet a wallpaper obtained from the animal villagers. in New Leaf, the player could pay Sahara 3000 bells for her to give your home a makeover with random floors and walls. you paid whether you liked it or not.

How to trade with Sahara and how do the tickets work?

New Horizons has again changed up how Sahara handles business. much like CJ, Gulliver, Sahara shows up randomly on your island. but instead, she decides to sell her stock of wallpapers, carpets, and rugs. by 5:00 a.m. she’s gone from your island and a new day has begun. when talking to Sahara, you have the option to purchase rugs, mysterious wallpaper, and mysterious flooring. the mysterious wallpaper and flooring each cost 3000 bells, you can purchase these only once per day. when you attempt to not so sneakily buy another one, she says that she only has one in stock, but does push you to earn Tickets, which you receive from purchasing rugs to gain the ability to get another floor or wall. Sahara has three different rugs in stock. a small, a medium, and a large rug. you can buy as many of these as you want, there is no limit. but each size will be the same rug no matter how many you buy. the small rug will run you 1,000 bells, the medium rug is 1,500, and the large rug will set you back 2,000. the purchase of a rug will score you a ticket or tickets, depending on the size. you’ll receive one for the small two for the medium one and three for going with the largest option. Tickets are another new feature for Sahara, with five wickets in hand, Sahara will reward you with one wallpaper or flooring, which are different from the mysterious floor and wall that you can purchase for 3,000 bells. however, you are only allowed one of each, trying to trade in tickets for another wall or floor will get you to shut down quickly. Sahara has her rules and she sticks to them.

Some of Sahara’s stuff can be lacking, but she has some awesome walls and floors, the animated walls and river floor are phenomenal, the water in the river floor splashes, and the rocks sound as though you are running on rocks. there are other motion walls and floors that you can craft like the cherry blossom wall or the money floor. but most of these interactive ones come straight from Sahara. so buy everything Sahara has to offer! the three rugs, the mysterious wall and floor, that ticket wall and floor you have to spend at least 13,500 bells. you’ll end up having to buy multiple rugs to get ten total tickets since buying one of each knits the only six. You might need to purchasing multiple large rugs to get the needed tickets. So you’ll some extra tickets in your storage for the next time Sahara shows up. if your friends come to visit, the carpets, mysterious walls and mysterious floors, we’ll all be the same, but the wall and floor that are obtained via the tickets are completely random. if you and a friend both have Sahara on your islands on the same day, her stock will also be different. her inventory is island-based, rather than day-based. the walls and flooring that you purchase from Sahara cannot be bought from your catalog. the rugs however can be.

So that’s all the secrets about Sahara, hope you’ll have a great time trading Animal Crossing Furniture with her!

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