Homestar Runner Returns With Anime Parody


Homestar Runner was once one of the biggest things on the internet, giving us more videos than we can count of the titular albino character and his hodgepodge of bizarre friends such as Strong Bad, The Cheat, and so many more, and the creators behind the property recently returned to revisit one of their more oddball creations in “Stinkoman”! Strong Bad is arguably the most popular character of the original series, at one time releasing weekly videos that would have the boxing glove-wearing fiend reading emails he received from fans which also led to the creation of his anime self!

The new video, created by the originators of the Homestar Runner site and property, was made for the fan-made video game, Stinkoman 20X6, which is a platformer akin to the popular Mega Man franchise and can currently be played for free on the website responsible for this cavalcade of insane characters. Stinkoman, though holding a striking resemblance to Strong Bad albeit with an anime touch, bears little resemblance to the character he was spawned from when it comes to personality, as the anime warrior is simply trying to save the world rather than pull off a new scheme alongside his friend, The Cheat!

Homestar Runner Stinkoman Anime(Photo: Homestar Runner)

Recently, Homestar Runner also celebrated another major milestone, as it has been eighteen years to the day since we were first introduced to the perplexing dragon known as Trogdor, a creation drawn by Strong Bad during one of his segments that became so popular, it practically took on a life of its own. Trogdor has crossed over from the website in which it was initially introduced and has been referenced in a number of big-time properties such as Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Magicians, and more!

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Homestar Runner’s creators, The Chapman Brothers, clearly put their heart and soul into the series when it was one of the biggest things on the internet and though they don’t dedicate nearly as much time to the world of Strong Bad, it’s great to see them return to the franchise from time to time!

What do you think of this hilarious anime parody from the creative minds at Homestar Runner? Would you watch a full anime series following the insane adventures of Stinkoman? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Strong Bad!

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