Attack On Titan Smacks Falco with a Nasty Betrayal


Attack On Titan’s fourth season has ratcheted up the tension with the latest episode of the anime, revealing the first strike of the Survey Corps against the nation of Marley, and before the death and destruction unleashed by Eren Jaeger hits its stride, we witness how Eren had betrayed the trust of the young soldier, Falco. With Eren taking on the appearance of a shell-shocked, crippled Eldian soldier in Marley’s employ, he used Falco to help send letters to his friends in the Survey Corps, seemingly helping to coordinate the attack on the nation of Marley!

Falco was one of the new soldiers that were introduced in the fourth and final season of Attack On Titan, being one of the young hopefuls looking to inherit the powers of the Nine Titans, as Reiner, Bertholdt, and Annie had done so before them. With the nation of Marley combating nations around the world outside of the walls that held the “Children of Ymir”, the timeline of the likes of the Beast Titan, Armored Titan, and others is almost up and so Falco and his friends have little time to prove themselves in order to become the new inheritors of these terrifying abilities.

Attack On Titan Falco
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The latest episode focuses mostly on a quiet conversation between Eren and Reiner, with the wielder of the Attack Titan revealing how much he has in common with his former friend, while also letting Falco know that he has unknowingly helped the “devils of Paradis”. Falco’s response is understandable, as he loses his cool and finds himself unable to handle the revelation of what he has unknowingly done, perhaps having a hand in the downfall of the country that he loves so much.

Falco as a character has been an interesting addition to the world of Attack On Titan, attempting to inherit the power of the Armored Titan not to save the world, but to save his friend Gabi from suffering a similar fate, having her life cut down to only a number of years with this power. With the next installment of Studio MAPPA‘s anime set to arrive in a few days, Falco has both internal and external problems to deal with as the assault on Marley has begun!

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