What Can You Get With 25 Interior Defense In NBA 2K21 Next Gen?


In MyPlayer Builder on 2K21 next-gen, the attribute Interior Defense caused a debate. Does interior matter in NBA 2K21 next gen? There are two sides to this problem, one of them thinks if you don’t have a high interior defense, you’re going to be getting banged on all game long, this side thinks every time an alley-oop is thrown someone’s nuts is going to be on the back of your head, now the other side of this argument says even with 25 interior defense, they can clamp down the paint with absolutely no problem. Which side is correct, in this article, we’re going to take a deeper look into interior defense. If you need NBA 2K21 MT PS5 for MyTEAM modes, you can get the best prices at UTPLAY.

What Can You Get With 25 Interior Defense In NBA 2K21 Next Gen?

The interior defense actually matters when you play hands up defense, like that, it is important to have the interior defense, otherwise, the majority of the time you get a low shot contest, if you have a low interior you’re probably not going to get that shot contest, is it feels like no matter what your interior defense, sometimes people will just make tough shots? This year besides people making tough shots in the paint, occasionally everyone dunks on, everyone’s driving dunk rating is going to be like a 95 to a 99, so no matter what your interior is you’re going to be getting posterized pretty often, now on the other side of this debate is the 25 interior defense, which makes you barely get a shot contest at all, even with 25 interior defense, you can keep your body between the basket and opponent. People are getting away with 25 interior defense is because we upgrade our block.

We are able to get Intimidator and Rim Protector on Gold or Hall of Fame levels, these badges are critical to defending the paint, so even though we only have 25 interior defense, we are still able to protect the pain pretty well in many situations, because our badges allow us to. Even with low interior defense with the high block rating and Rim Protector badge, you can also get those snatch blocks and chase down blocks and other types of blocks.

The downside of that is sometimes you get out of position, but it’s one kind of way to avoid having a low interior rating come into play by using a block button, using your block rating. Will your player be able to get away with 25 interior defense?

The first thing is it depends on how you design your player, for example, if your player has 25 interior defense but also with 94 block, and get more than 20 defensive badges, plus 7’4” wingspan and 6’7” height, ridiculously long wingspan, and pretty tall player, a ton of defensive badges allow you to put Hall of Fame Intimidator, HOF Rim Protector and HOF Pogo Stick when you are at 99 overall. Those are gonna help you protect the paint so you can put on a chase down artist which will help you recover when people get past you.

Another factor in terms of whether you get away with 25 interior defense is what game mode you play. If you are a 2v2 park player, you’ll probably be okay with 25 interior defense, but if you are a competitive 5v5 pro and you play center, you are going to have. In the paint defending, close shots defending, layups defending, dunks defending, you’re gonna want interior defense because you’re in that situation. For 2v2 park players, the majority of the games you’re not even going to be playing defense, so it’s probably more valuable to put that those interior defensive attributes on other places to get more badges or to get a more well-rounded offensive player or whatever the case maybe it really depends on your role and what type of game mode you’re playing.

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