Epic Games cancels Fortnite LTM tournament scheduled for Martin Luther King Jr. Day


Epic Games and the Fortnite competitive team have decided to cancel the LTM tournament previously scheduled to run on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

This comes just days before the event was set to run on Jan. 18. Epic has given no clarification as to why the decision was made. 

Despite the lack of clarification, it’s evident Epic wants to ensure one of its tournaments doesn’t take away from anything that happens on such a culturally significant day. 

It looks like it might have been a good decision too. Most of the comments made in response to the announcement are simply calling Fortnite a “dead game” or demanding that pump shotguns be added back into the game. 

LTM tournaments are usually straightforward, pitting anyone who joins in a battle against other players using limited-time modes that are featured in various Fortnite playlists. These have been commonplace since early 2019 when Epic first implemented the events into the game. 

Epic is not the only company to move or cancel events that are being held on MLK Day or Jan. 20’s Presidential Inauguration. Bethesda pushed back its reveal event for Elder Scrolls Online: Gates of Oblivion to get out of that timeframe too. 

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