Events Removed From Animal Crossing New Horizons


Animal Crossing New Horizons has been out for over nine months, with the end of 2020, we are not too far away from the first anniversary of New Horizons. We have experienced a lot of events and festivals in ACNH such as Toy Day, Halloween, and more. But there are also a bunch of original events and Animal Crossing items removed from the game, let’s take a look at the removed events from ACNH.

What Events Removed From Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Groundhog Day

The first one Groundhog Day, like many of the events we’ll highlight, Groundhog day is a mini-event that typically sees Mr. Rossetti visit to announce an early spring is on its way during the event and depending on which game you’re playing, other special characters such as or Isabelle also stop by to celebrate and hand out limited-time items such as flower models or a Mr. Rossetti model despite being a mini-event or holiday that lasts only one day, it has appeared in most mainline Animal Crossing games and is something that has to return to New Horizons.

Valentines Day

Just as you’d expect, Valentine’s day is a smaller holiday than usual but is celebrated in pretty much every Animal Crossing game except New Horizons at least for now, typically in the run-up to Valentines day. villagers would talk about sending letters and chocolates to others and the player would receive a chocolate love heart from their valentine, furthermore Brewster would serve up hot chocolate during this event instead of his traditional coffee which is a nice detail as things stand, there aren’t any activities surrounding Valentine’s day in ACNH such as trading chocolates with ACNH bells but maybe that’s something we’ll see in the next Animal Crossing update.

Sports Fair

Sports Fair is no doubt one of the coolest events in the Animal Crossing franchise, often occurs twice a year and sees the time rallying together to take part in a sports day, typically Tortimer the town mayor would visit and host the event and all the villagers would take part in different activities including a foot race and a tug-o-war, others players were also able to unlock a ACNH item for attending the event this is definitely a fun one, so it’s a shame that this is yet to return to New Horizons.

April fools Day

April fools Day is a celebration held in every single Animal Crossing game except New Horizons and celebrates jokes and pranks being played around town, the event varies quite significantly from game to game, but in the original game, trick the player into thinking they’d received a playable console which was actually a thing by the way but this one just didn’t work in later games, special characters such as Blanca would visit and ask you to draw her face or as a practical joke hide in a villager’s house disguised as the villager, it was very weird.

Spring Cleaning

Another mini-event that seemingly never returned to a mainline game since the original in the series is Spring Cleaning day, this event would see the town mayor visit to reward the player with a limited-time Animal Crossing item and pretty much celebrates the beginning of the spring season again. Tortimer will give a Dump Model to the player. During this time, across the town there are koi fish-shaped windsocks hung up to poles. On this day, villagers might ask the player if they have been cleaning. we can’t ensure why it was removed, maybe because smaller events like this in New Horizons would add to the game.

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