Apex Legends Good as Gold Trailer Released, New Legend Teased


Apex Legends Good as Gold

Respawn Entertainment has just released the Apex Legends Good as Gold trailer which is a new Stories from the Outlands video. Typically, the developer releases such story trailers before the launch of a new season, showing off some of the details for the upcoming season and a new Legend.

The Good as Gold trailer is no different as it presents the newest Legend coming to the game, and he is called Fuse. However, the trailer leaves us with more questions than giving us a better backstory about the new legend.

Check out the Apex Legends Good as Gold trailer below:

The trailer begins with a small flashback look into the life of Fuse growing up with his childhood female friend. The video also shows a golden grenade, which is more of a symbol for the two friends and their intention to be freedom fighters. As time flies buy and they grow up to adults, Fuse turns to the Apex arena, while the female friend joins Syndicate.

As their relationship sours over time, they confront each other, ending the altercation when Fuse’s golden grenade is set off by the female friend, causing him to lose his right arm. This backstory might provide us some detail on the appearance of Fuse in his current state, where we know he has a robot right arm.

The trailer does not reveal what Fuse’s abilities are nor what he specializes in, especially considering his role in the Apex games. But there are tons of detail that will be released as we get closer to the release of Season 8, set for February 2. If going by the pattern that Respawn Entertainment usually takes, we will get to see another trailer for Fuse, with a deep dive trailer of his abilities, just a few days before the launch of the new season.

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