New Borderlands 3 Update And Event Go Live Soon, Full Patch Notes Revealed


A new Borderlands 3 update goes live on all platforms today, January 21 at 12 PM PT / 3 PM ET, developer Gearbox Software announced. The full patch notes are outlined below and they make some changes to the game, like addressing progress blockers and updating character skills.

The headlining feature of this latest Borderlands 3 patch is addressing several bug issues within the game. This includes progress blockers for Xbox Series X|S users who log into a map before the host during online matchmaking. Vehicles spawners will also be updated, while the mini-map will be adjusted to follow party members’ locations while spectating. There are a couple of fixes specific to the Xbox Series X|S on top of the aforementioned progress blocker, including addressing nonstop controller vibrating issues while loading.

Skills for characters like the Gunner and Siren will be updated in this patch. For example, the Siren’s Infusion and Forceful Expression skills are now compatible with the cryo element. Meanwhile, the Gunner’s Iron Club action skill will receive damage boosts from class mods.

Alongside the update, Gearbox is kicking off three weeks of its mini-event series, Arms Race. The first in-game event, Clear Skies, runs from January 21-28 and gives players a chance to earn better loot when killing enemies. Furthermore, the collapsing Murdercane death circle will take longer to close up, letting players have more time to explore and scavenge for gear. To participate in the Arms Race mini-events, players will need to own Borderlands 3’s $15 Designer’s Cut add-on. This expansion can be purchased individually, but it also comes packaged inside Borderlands 3’s $100 Ultimate Edition and the game’s $30 Season Pass 2.

Elsewhere in the update are a few changes to some of Borderlands 3’s weapons. like increasing the damage and fire rate of the legendary pistol Baby Maker. Other weapons that will be adjusted include the legendary assault rifle BearCat, legendary pistol Scorpio, and legendary shotgun Sledge’s Shotgun, which will all receive a weapon damage increase.

Borderlands 3 Patch Notes (January 21)


  • Addressed a potential progression blocker created when Xbox Series X|S users would log into a map before the host and interact with mission objectives in multiplayer.
  • Updated vehicle spawners to not activate while another player has started travel to another map.
  • Added Anointment support to the Linc Legendary pistol.
  • Adjusted the damage of thrown Tediore weapons.
  • Addressed a reported concern that the Action Skill End apply Terror Anointment was only applying one stack of Terror.
  • Updated the Siren’s Infusion and Forceful Expression skills to work with the Cryo element.
  • Updated the Siren’s Ascendant skill to work with Expedite.
  • Updated the Gunner’s Iron Cub to receive Action Skill Damage boosts from Class Mods.
  • Adjusted the Gunner’s skills Desperate Measures, Stroke the Embers, and Scorching RPMs to work with Iron Cub.
  • Addressed a reported concern that the Beastmaster’s Cmdl3t Class Mod was causing pets to behave strangely.
  • Adjusted the Operative’s Devil Raider skin’s appearance on head customizations.
  • Addressed a reported concern that the Hot Spring grenade mod would continue to heal players after the Area of Effect ended.
  • Players entering Arms Race will now start with a full-heal.
  • Skill points gained during Arm Race have been changed to update without the need for a Save/Quit.
  • Updated the mini-map to follow party member’s locations while in spectator mode.
  • Made a change to the timer bar in Arms Race to correctly show the amount of time remaining during the “Kill Heavyweight Harker” objective.
  • Mission weapons will no longer stay in a player’s inventory during Arms Race.
  • Addressed a reported concern that action skills would not properly unlock while in Arms Race when a level one character gained a level.
  • [Xbox Series X|S] – Addressed a reported concern that a player’s controller could continue vibrating through a loading screen in some instances.
  • [Xbox Series X|S] – Addressed a reported concern that the controller would vibrate while loading into a map if using Iron Cub.


  • Activates the Clear Skies Arms Race Mini-Event until January 28 at 8:59 AM PT.

Gear Adjustments

  • Baby Maker
    • Increased weapon damage and fire rate
  • Sledge’s Shotgun
    • Increased weapon damage
  • Scorpio
    • Increased weapon damage
  • BearCat
    • Increased weapon damage

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