Tired of Rocket League? Play some Mario Kart in the client


Do you have some free time while waiting for the next high-octane match of Rocket League, or just need a short break from aerial goals and epic saves? You can run a short lap of Mario Kart without even leaving the game.

One Rocket League modder, Thanrek recreated the Yoshi Circuit that originated in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, letting players rev their engines in a race rather than Soccer. The custom map can be played even while searching for a match.

Unfortunately, you’ll be missing a bit of the item madness usually associated with Mario Kart, but Rocket League‘s differing mechanics makes it a different challenge. You can’t outright fly over most obstacles as the map will reset you. But there are some shortcuts you can take through waterfalls and over the surrounding ocean.

For users on Steam, you simply need to subscribe to the map here on the Steam Community Workshop. Then, you should be able to access the map in Rocket League by selecting play, the Custom Games tab, and Workshop.

If you are playing on the Epic Games launcher, you’ll need to do a little more legwork. First, you’ll need a third-party program, such as Lethamyr’s Custom Map Loader. There’s a robust set of instructions on the site to import maps and custom game modes into your client.

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