Marvel Reveals First Look At New Characters For Heroes Reborn


Marvel shocked everyone when they announced the return of Heroes Reborn in 2021, but outside of a logo we didn’t really have any context for what that meant. Now we’re starting to at least get a few more details, namely in the form of some new characters that will be showing up in the storyline. So far we’ve got two new characters that are clearly a mash-up of well-known heroes and villains, starting with a character that is a combination of Juggernaut and Doctor Doom, or DoomNaut. Okay, JuggerDoom is good too, but what about DoomerJugger? Yeah okay, that is one too far.

Next we have a character that seems to be a mix of Scarlet Witch and the Enchantress. The green tint to the costume feels like Enchantress while the headdress and the design of the powers she’s using scream Scarlet Witch. So we’re going with EnchantWitch…or Scarletress. Nevermind, go with the first one.

If we’re combining characters here, I’m going to recommend a few. What about VisionHawk (Vision and Darkhawk), SquirrelNova (Squirrel Girl and Nova), Spider Cap (Spider-Woman and Captain Marvel), and oh oh! What about Cardiac The Unbeaten? Yeah, I dig that.

Marvel also revealed two more images from the event. The third image features what looks like Peter Parker taking a photo on top of the Daily Bugle building of someone flying away, which some have theorized is Hyperion. The fourth image shows two SHIELD agents, and they are Reed Richards and Ben Grimm. Reed is in a lab coat and looking at some files and Grimm is holding a massive gun, so this seems to be a very different spin on the Fantastic Four.

You can check out all the reveals in the posts above and below.

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For those unfamiliar, Heroes Reborn took place after a fateful battle with Onslaught, and many of Marvel’s biggest heroes sacrificed themselves to save the world from one of the most powerful villains ever to appear, which was the combined consciousness of Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto (long story).

They would give their lives to defeat him, but what they didn’t realize was that they were saved by Franklin Richards, who had created a pocket universe for them to live in, and thus Heroes Reborn was, well, born.

During this time the Avengers and the Fantastic Four were removed from the regular Marvel Universe for about a year, leaving other teams like the Thunderbolts and the X-Men to fill the void. The thought dead Marvel heroes would later return to the regular universe, though with some changes and redesigns that at the time were not as well-received as Marvel would’ve hoped.


Not too long ago Marvel also revealed that they would be revisiting the Clone Saga as well, this time with a Miles Morales spin, which is one of the more controversial events of all time. 2021 is a year where Marvel is trying to reshape some of its more divisive events and stories, and Heroes Reborn certainly fits into that category.

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