Apex Legends Mayhem Gameplay Trailer Sets Up Season 8 Launch


Apex Legends Mayhem

Respawn Entertainment just released the Apex Legends Mayhem gameplay trailer setting up the launch of the game’s Season 8 on February 2, 2021. The gameplay trailer mainly focuses on the newest Legend to join the game, Fuse.

Fuse or Walter Fitzroy if you care for his real name is the center of attention for the upcoming season. However, there are many notable new additions that are coming in Season 8, including the obliterated version of King’s Canyon map.

Check out the Apex Legends Mayhem gameplay trailer below:

Starting with the map, the destroyed King’s Canyon map will feature new points of interest and locations for players to check out. Among these locations is the giant crash site of Fuse’s ship, ECHO outposts, observation towers, and more. Another interesting item coming in the new season is the gold magazine, which has the same ammo capacity as the purple magazine but it can also reload automatically when the weapon is holstered.

The main attraction of the trailer was Fuse and his new abilities which has everyone curious about the latest Legend in the Apex matches. Fuse’s Ultimate Ability is where he fires a shell from his cannon that explodes just above opponents and rains fire down below. His Tactical Ability allows him to fire grenades from his arm towards the target. Fuse is also carrying is ridiculously big cannon on his back, which might make the hitbox pretty big.

Typical of any other season in the game, Season 8 comes with a new Battle Pass, containing legendary weapon skins, outfits, and many items that can be unlocked throughout the progression of the season. And of course, there is a new weapon as well which is called the 30-30 Repeater. This new semi-auto rifle is deadly accurate and can be charged before firing its shot, much like the Charge Rifle.

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