Attack on Titan Reveals Armin’s Final Plea to Save the World


Attack on Titan has revealed Armin Arlert’s final plea to save the world with the newest chapter of the series! With series creator Hajime Isayama confirming that the final chapter of the long running series would be releasing this April, each new chapter of the series is now more important than ever as it’s become increasingly clear how Isayama is setting up the pieces for its big finale. The final arc of the series has seen Armin clashing with Eren over their differing ideologies to save the world, and the newest chapter of the series sees Armin finally put this into words.

Chapter 137 of Attack on Titan gives an update on Armin after he was eaten by a Titan in this final battle against Eren, and it’s revealed that he awakes in the Coordinate Space. Zeke is here as well, and the two of them have an eye-opening conversation as to what freedom means for the two of them. It’s here that Armin gives his final plea to pull Zeke to his side and save the world from the Rumbling.

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Chapter 137 of the begins with a defeated Zeke who has resigned himself to why Eren seemed to take control. Wondering why Ymir still felt an attachment to the human world, he thinks it’s impossible to fight back considering how Eren and Ymir seem to understand one another. But Armin refuses to believe this as he tries to have Zeke realize that there is a worth in fighting back.

Zeke seems to believe that true freedom lies in their deaths, but Armin tries to change his mind by getting him to look further at the smaller moments in their lives. Believing life’s precious moments make it all worthwhile, Zeke starts to come around and even revives all of the former Titan hosts within the Coordinate Space.


With a final plea to Zeke and these former Titans, Armin asks for their help in dealing the final blow to Eren’s massive skeletal form and separating him from the Founding Titan’s power. The chapter ends before we get to see whether or not Armin’s final plea was successful, but it’s the first real time they have been able to fight back.

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